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#40: The Fly (1986)

#40: The Fly (1986)

October 23, 2019

You know the feeling when you meet a really great guy at a press/scientist mixer and he takes you back to his warehouse and shows you his teleporting machine? And then your ex-boyfriend/boss starts stalking you and making veiled threats via science magazine covers? So you go to deal with ex-guy and then new guy gets sad and drunk-teleports himself, accidentally fusing his DNA with a house fly. You know that feeling? Geena Davis surely does in this week’s pick, David Cronenberg’s body horror classic THE FLY (1986). The only available men are jerks, exes, or fly-man hybrids. Sigh.

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#39: The Good Girl (2002) / Enlightened (2011)

#39: The Good Girl (2002) / Enlightened (2011)

October 2, 2019

People are complicated, neither wholly bad nor good; they make bad decisions, they hurt people they love, and yet they are also capable of great kindness and laughter. They long for things: to be better, to be different, for connection with others. Writer Mike White is able to capture that humanity in characters that are simultaneously the best and worst of us. Ashley’s picks, THE GOOD GIRL (2002) starring Jennifer Aniston and HBO's ENLIGHTENED (2011) with Laura Dern, showcase White’s unique gift. Dave is along for the enjoyable, if somewhat uncomfortable, ride. 

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